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The Wheatbelt Business and Community Highlights

Welcome to the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia, where business and community thrive. Here are some of the best examples of harmony between commerce and society in the region:

1. The Co-operative spirit: The Wheatbelt is home to several co-operatives, such as CBH Group, which is the largest co-operative in Australia. These co-operatives provide valuable services to the farming community and beyond, promoting a culture of collaboration and mutual benefit.

2. Strong agricultural base: The Wheatbelt is fertile land, and agriculture is one of the major contributors to the local economy. The region is known for its export-quality wheat, as well as sheep, cattle, and other crops.

3. Community spirit: The people of the Wheatbelt are known for their strong sense of community. This has translated into various community initiatives, such as the Wheatbelt Development Commission, which works to improve the economic, social, and environmental conditions of the region.

4. Diverse industries: Business in the Wheatbelt is not limited to agriculture alone. There are several other sectors contributing to the economy, such as mining, tourism, and manufacturing. These industries provide employment opportunities and help diversify the local economy.

5. Education and training: The Wheatbelt is home to a range of educational and training institutions, including TAFE and community colleges. These institutions provide skills training and education to local residents, helping them to succeed in their careers.

the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia is a shining example of how business and community can work together for mutual benefit. From co-operatives to diverse industries, the region has a lot to offer, not just to its residents but to the broader Australian economy as well.

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